The Power of Prayer

At FFC we believe in the power of prayer. We know we serve a great and powerful God who cares about His people and loves to answer them when they humble themselves before Him. Regardless of how impossible your situation, how tragic your upbringing, or how painful your past may be the God of the Bible loves you and wants to do GOOD for you. 

Do you have something weighing on your heart that you would like to receive prayer for? Please feel free to share in the form below and we will cover the matter in prayer. You have the freedom to share it privately, where only our prayer team will be informed of the situation, or publicly if you wish for the church as a whole to join you in praying over the issue. 

No prayers submitted to the public have been reviewed by our administrators yet.

Prayer requests

Please include your name, email, and phone number below and as much information about your situation as you feel comfortable sharing. If you would like to talk to someone in person or over the phone, please reach out to and someone will be in touch.