FFC organizes our leadership as biblically as we can. We look to the scriptures for what qualifies someone to lead and follow Jesus' example of "servant leadership". We also believe God will equip who He calls and instead of just filling a position; we shape our ministries around the people who have been sent to us. 

  • Randy hand (Founding pastor & Head elder)

    Randy has been in the ministry since 1988 and the Lead Pastor since FFC's launch in 2008. He studied Religion at Campbell University and has served with many community organizations to serve the area. He has 3 kids (with one on the way) and lives with his wife, Jennifer, in Liberty. 

  • Don Schenkel (Elder & Ramseur Pastor)

    Don joined FFC in 2010. Don was first appointed Deacon and then later Elder; before heading up our second church plant in Ramseur, which now meets as a house church at his home. Don also works for Engineered Plastic Components in Siler City and lives just outside of Ramseur.

  • Ben Suggs (elder & Siler City Pastor)

    Ben has served FFC since it's launch in 2008. He helped launch multiple ministries while working mainly with the teenagers before planting our Siler City campus in 2017. He also runs the mobile DJ and media company Southern Entertainment. Ben lives in Siler City with his wife Jenna and their 3 kids. 

  • JASON keller (executive pastor & worship Leader)

    Jason first came to FFC in 2009 as a member of a traveling music group on Easter.  Jason,  his  wife  Stacey, and their 5 kids became a part of the family when he began  leading worship each  Sunday!  Jason also teaches and oversees finances for the church and resides in Pfafftown.

  • TAMMY KIMREY (Liberty Deacon & womens ministry)

    Tammy was serving like a deacon well before we recognized her as one. Along with her family, Tammy can always be found lending a hand and sharing a smile with anyone she meets. Besides building relationships with the ladies of FFC, she is also a Modern Woodman Rep and lives in Staley. 

  • Richard cobb (Siler city DEACON)

    Richard, his wife Haley, and their two sons came to FFC through family in 2016 and have been serving in key roles in Siler City since 2018. In 2019, Richard was set aside as a deacon and currently leads the campus facilities team, hosts a Community Group, and helps in the teaching and preaching of God's Word. Richard currently lives and works in Liberty. 

  • Mack neeves (Siler city deacon)

    Mack and his wife Edie have been linked to FFC since it's inception and began serving full time at the launch of the Siler City campus in 2017. Mack was set aside as a deacon in 2019, hosts a Community Group, and helps pretty much anywhere he's needed, from administrative tasks to facilities. The Neeves reside in Bear Creek where they run a small farm and care for family.